Accessing Kilkenny Borough Council Planning Files

With effect from the 1st June, 2014, Kilkenny Borough Council has been abolished and merged with Kilkenny County Council.

Kilkenny County Council is now the sole local authority for the city and county.

Planning files for Kilkenny Borough Council have been merged with the County Council planning system.

To differentiate between historic Borough Council and County Council Planning files (i.e. up to 1st June, 2014), Borough planning file references numbers have been amended. For this amended number, please add 990000 to the old number, for example 2012 planning file 12/10, is now 12/990010

Please quote your new planning reference number on all correspondence relating to this file.

To access historical Kilkenny Borough Council files on the website, please enter the revised file number or alternatively the original file number, the system will return the planning file details with revised planning file reference number.

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