Slieverue Local Area Plan

Local Area Plan Slieverue Adopted 16/10/2006

The Kilkenny City and County Development Plan 2021 is now the relevant planning policy document for development in Slieverue.
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Variation 2 to the Kilkenny County Development Plan 2011

Variation 2 to the Kilkenny County Development Plan 2008-2014, adopted on the 19th September 2011, modified the planning framework and zoning map for Slieverue. See Variation No 2 to Kilkenny County Development Plan Core Strategy for further information.

Slieverue Local Area Plan 2006

The Slieverue Local Area Plan expired in 2012, but the plan does contain a significant amount of information on the natural and built heritage and other planning issues. The expired Plan will be used as a supplementary guidance document.

Slieverue Local Area Plan

Slieverue Development Blocks

Slieverue Zoning Objectives

Slieverue Ecology Map

Slieverue Flora and Fauna Study

Slieverue Photos

Slieverue Urban Design

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